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Energy Systems of Vibration and Frequency
The animate threads of space connecting all relationships

Prana (India), Chi/Qi (China), or Ki (Japan) define what to Western Science can best be understood as
what animates all life with energy or force.

I don't know of one English word that defines this internal energy of life. Perhaps because our modern Western culture is in its infancy when it comes to internal medicine as there is still the common misbelief that all answers to life lie outside of us. Devotees to Christ call it the Holy Spirit. The First Nations call it the Great Spirit. This must begin as an inward journey before it can manifest as an outward journey.

It's potential lies within all of us no matter which word you chose to define it. Like the Buddha says so profoundly; 'Don't believe this because I say this to be true. Look within you and see for yourself if it is true.'

While studying at the University of Victoria in the early 90s, in British Columbia, I attended a yoga class each morning before classes. I had never heard of yoga before. A little silver hair twinkly eyed Yoga teacher taught me Pranayam, the ancient Indian ayurvedic science of abdominal/expansive breathing.

I now know from experience that the breath is one of the easiest ways to access this energy system. It might actually be the only way or part and parcel to many ways as the catalyst.

I grew up with chronic asthma. There never would pass a week without me using my trusty inhaler. After one week of this morning abdominal breathing practice I realized I had not once used my inhaler that week. I observed this new found freedom for 3 weeks before approaching the teacher and asking here what was happening. She smiled with her twinkly smile and said maybe no one has ever taught me to breath with my diaphragm before.

This basic but profound technique cured me of my chronic asthma and changed the course of my life forever. This is why the word Prana is front and centre to my work. It is where I entered the stream of self healing and self realization. It led me to focus on energy systems that heal. I began healing myself by learning about internal medicines and focusing on building materials from the surface of the earth that heal. The way we breathe and the way we use building materials have the ability to heal us or bring dis-ease.

In British Columbia this means building with frames of sustainably harvested timber with wall systems that slowly breathe to exchange air and regulate moisture. This means sourcing materials of negative ionic charge that come from the surface of the earth within the watershed of the building site. Clay, stone, wood and other carbon fibers contain these ionic charges that vibrate with these pranic vibrations. They contain the holy spirit of a nature in balance paying respect to God/Krishna's footstool. Scientifically they are symbiotic and in balance to support the carbon cycles of these biological and ecological systems that sustain life and allow it to regenerate.

It is a great healing process that we all must enter and will be different for all of us but also similar.

I wish you happiness on your own journey of healing, looking inwards so that we may live happily outwards in this beautiful world we share with our children and the other plant and animal spirits.

To all of our relations in this world.

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